Uscis Forms Electronic Signature

Guidelines For Signing USCIS Forms Correctly CitizenPath Guidelines for Signing USCIS Forms 25.07.2021  · Guidelines for Signing USCIS Forms. Don’t forget to sign your USCIS form! All USCIS applications and petitions require an original “wet ink” signature. That means that a photocopy of a signed form or a typewritten name in place of a signature is … Read more

Uscis Forms Signature

Signing Expediting And E Filing The USCIS Application Signing, Expediting and E-filing the USCIS Application Signature Requirements for USCIS Forms. Applicants and petitioners have to sign their respective USCIS applications and petitions. The signature must be original. Parents and legal guardians can sign on behalf of their children under age 14. Legal guardians can sign … Read more